Why you shouldn’t take any anabolic steroids, but how about legal alternatives?

One of health professor started the conversation about the harm of anabolic steroids when they are used in addition to stimulants of physical strength and properties with one example.

… The question asked to the participants of the Olympic Games: “Would you use prohibited substances that could not be detected by any modern doping control equipment, but those substances would really make you superior, help you become Olympic champions? All you know is that in a few years, you will die from the side effects of those substances. ”

95 percent. the Olympians answered “yes.” The remaining five who said no to the researchers indicated they simply did not understand the issue.

“Maybe anabolic steroids are not suitable for someone, but they will help me,” are the young people trying to deceive themselves. During the practice of his endocrinologist, the professor met many such “philosophers”.

It will never be enough

Materials that require less effort to achieve high athletic performance or a more impressive body, strength, or endurance are very attractive to young people. Kartu prof. G. Kazanavičius notes: “The athletics and bodybuilding sports community is concerned about the use of substances that stimulate, which changes the chemical structure of the body.”

Trainers are aware of the unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids (called anabolics), but there are those who are looking for … a saturated wolf and a healthy sheep. The only question that matters to these coaches is how to use anabolics as a student so that there are no side effects (!).

The answer is categorical

The professor’s answer is categorical: there are no such doses or preparations. And encouraging young people to use such substances must be seen as a criminal offense. Because such a healthy person is eventually disabled.

“I support coaches who strive for maximum results by developing physical characteristics and recommending natural products that revitalize and strengthen the processes within a person, which help to achieve good sports results, become stronger and more beautiful. And the irresponsibility of coaches can kill. Young men who have used anabolics turn to endocrinologists, tears in their eyes: I have a girlfriend, but … The sexual potency of such guys is greatly reduced.

Why is this happening?

Consumption of the male hormone testosterone, or so-called anabolics, which act as this hormone, causes atrophy of the endocrine glands that produce testosterone, i. the natural synthesis of testosterone is greatly reduced. In other words, men who have been taking anabolics for some time are castrating themselves. Their glands are no longer functioning. This is not only the case with high achievements in the world of sport (where there are many problems with the use of stimulants (doping)).

“Any unreasonable use of hormones, as well as any other chemicals, is dangerous to their lives,” explains Professor G. Kazanavicius. Endocrinologists can help in part. Such men are given hormone replacement therapy, i. they will need to take testosterone regularly at carefully selected doses.

Testosterone and hormone-like substances are also used by girls who exercise, as can be seen: a changed figure, a girl becomes more masculine, her muscle strength is higher.

The use of anabolics is strictly forbidden in big sports, but on the way to heights, both powerlifters and other sports, such as athletics, use them quite intensively. What is the goal? Prof. G.Kazanavičius: “It has been noticed that great sports especially attract people who do not really value their health, they value attention, praise, they want to be noticed in order to be admired. It indicates a certain mental complex or egocentrism. If anabolics are used for this, then a double-ended stick is used – it will hit hard after a while. “

Can’t medicine help?

The answer of Professor Gintautas Kazanavičius: “Yes, when medicine has achieved a lot, it is possible to prescribe hormone replacement therapy and thus partially help. But the first piece of advice is this: don’t hurt yourself. Young patients, athletes are in trouble: “I can’t start a family. The coach appointed, I took, and now … ”They didn’t know about the damage and what awaited them in a few years. These are cases where the coach should be prosecuted. “

Advice of Professor Gintautas Kazanavičius:

“Play sports, strive, work – everyone has opportunities. In some cases, they need to be awakened but do not desperately need to become something like “stars”. You each have your own talents and unique beauty that you will be happy to reveal. Live a full life. ”

Author: Dane Urcue.I would like to introduce a completely new approach to medical care. In the same way, mentors work with their athletes to promote fitness, there is now a way for physicians to play an intricate role in the improvement of our patients’ health. My purpose is to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves using movement, nutrition, and a whole-body approach to medical care. In doing so, we can work together to prevent sickness before it happens.

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